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Project Management

Centric Real Estate Advisors’ services encompass all aspects of facility review, renovation/relocation planning and implementation. Centric Estate Advisors (Centric REA) coordinates closely with the Client's in house staff, and tailors all services to meet the Client's objectives and fit its management structure.

After meeting and discussing the parameters of an assignment, Centric REA-assesses the Client's requirements and proposes ways in which the firm can be of assistance. The configuration of recommended services may range from highly specific expert consultations on an as-needed basis, to the development and oversight of the entire renovation/relocation program. All services are rendered in strict adherence to their confidential nature.

Definition of Project Requirements and Space Selection Criteria

Working in concert with Clients during the early stages of a project, Centric REA assists in defining project requirements. The firm will assist a Client in selecting the design and construction project team through the RFP process and will recommend the best qualified consultants which fit the projects parameters.

In a typical assignment, Centric REA will:

  • Define project objectives and establish management guidelines
  • Prepare consultant candidate lists and RFP's
  • Evaluate consultant RFP's and manage the interview process
  • Advise Client in selection of consultants and contractors
  • Inspect and assess candidate buildings
  • Evaluate and compare operating costs in candidate buildings
  • Evaluate and compare the construction logistics and improvements allowances in candidate buildings

Lease Negotiation

Centric Real Estate Advisors equips its Clients with the resources, knowledge and authority to take the initiative through the negotiations of their Lease and Leasehold Improvements Agreement. The firm is highly proficient in evaluating Client needs and then formulating a landlord concession package to properly address those requirements. In all cases, Centric REA’s advice and assistance will bolster a Client's negotiating strength with the landlord during the lease discussions by:

  • Organizing Client priorities
  • Reviewing documentation
  • Investigating open issues and coordinating third party consultants
  • Participating in Leasehold Improvement Agreement negotiations
  • Representing Client interests as an expert authority
  • Recommending the most effective strategies based upon past experience and current market forces

Design and Construction: Budget, Schedule, Monitoring

Centric Real Estate Advisor’s wide range of design and construction expertise is vital to planning, budgeting, scheduling and managing a tenant installation as well as the development of appropriate construction programs. Centric REA will assist the Client and oversee the members of the project team by providing the hands-on services to:

  • Develop the approach to the project and establish the associated methodology and protocol
  • Review programmatic assumptions and assist in maintaining continuity through the planning stages
  • Establish budget and schedule guidelines
  • Review plans, specifications and contracts and coordinate the activities of all consultants
  • Coordinate the Client's bid documents
  • Review trade contractor bidder's lists
  • Negotiate the construction contract and assure proper meshing with the Lease, Leasehold Improvements Agreement, or work letter
  • Review requisitions, ensure contract adherence, and negotiate charges related to revisions
  • Represent the Client at construction progress meetings
  • Coordinate the procurement of all necessary building permits and government approvals
  • Provide periodic reports summarizing construction progress and project costs
  • Maintain quality control and police contract adherence

Construction Close-Out/Tenant Move-In

Centric Real Estate Advisors' ability to foresee the critical issues which arise at the end of a project and address these properly, allow Clients to proceed with their move with confidence. The contract close-out process with the associated punchlist issues requires hands-on attention to 100% completion and 100% Client satisfaction. In its role as Client representative, Centric REA will:

  • Coordinate vendors, contractors and movers prior to move-in
  • Establish and maintain quality controls and ensure contract completion
  • Supervise punchlist work logistics
  • Ensure all systems are operational prior to move-in
  • Interface with Building Management to facilitate move-in and occupancy
  • Ensure all Building Department requirements are satisfied and certificates of occupancy are issued


Centric Real Estate Advisors’ Tenant Advisory Services comprise a comprehensive package. The firm may be retained to consult on all phases of the relocation or renovation process or may be engaged to provide advisory services on an incremental basis. Centric REA's compensation is based on the nature of the assignment.

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